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Восковые ручки Rainbow, ручки для свечей, вставки для свечей, набор из 6 шт.

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7,20  c PVN

Izgatavots no krēmveida un izmēru stabila vaska dizainam.
Ideāli piemērots sveču marķēšanai un dekorēšanai.
Deg uz svecēm, neatstājot atlikumus.
Piemērots lietošanai ar trafaretiem.
Ražots Vācijā.

1 в наличии

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Viva Decor – Creative Colours and Pastes Made in Germany

With creative paints, pastes and modelling clay, products are developed and produced at the highest level. From effect colours and pastes in classic and trendy colours to stamps and stencils in their own design, every creator will find the perfect foundation and inspiration for their new, creative project.

Candle Wax Pen

Candle Wax Pen Banner

Special creations with great 3D effect.

Create a cosy and individual ambience with home-made and designed candles. The candle pen contains viscous wax, which dries on the candle and burns with the candle without residue.

With our Viva Decor Candle wax pen, everyone can achieve a very personal and wonderful gift: Candles with your own designs / artwork.

A magical eye-catcher with personalised candles.