Uvex Unisex Adult’s Flash riteņbraukšanas ķivere, balti zila


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Krāsa Schwarz
nProdukta Radfahren ieteicamie lietojumi
nZīmols Uvex
nIekšējais materiāls Expandiertes Polystyrol
nPreces svars 285 grami
nPriekšmeta izmēri G x P x A 33 x 24 x 17,5 centimetri

51.45 79.10 PVN iekļauts

Noliktavā 1 prece/-es

An all-rounder for sporty beginners, the Flash bicycle helmet from uvex. The uvex Flash bicycle helmet has beautiful details such as a removable and washable inner lining, a fly net in the front, a removable cross visor and the typical Monomatic comfort closure. The equipment is complemented by the infinitely variable and easily adjustable FAS webbing system as well as the IAS system. This allows the bike helmet to be adjusted precisely and also in the H
nheight. Made in in-mould technology, a stable helmet construction with optimal ventilation and light weight.

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